The phrase ’tilt-shift’ in photography is well known but is actually 2 different processes. In its purest form it is controlled at the point of capture using specialist lenses. FrontView is a great iPhoneography app that handles the ‘shift’ element in post processing. Its purpose is to correct perspective distortion – for example make the vertical lines of buildings run parallel rather than converge as they do when photographed from ground level. This is a very simple but useful app.

Street iPhone photography – creating an alternate reality

The inspiration for this article came from a week away in Portugal. Until I studied some street shots closely, I discarded them as a waste of a tap. When I did get chance to look at them through fresh eyes though, I saw a few things that I liked. Specifically regarding this image, I used two captures as raw material for a single atmospheric composition.

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iPhone photography – 10 must have iPhoneography apps

My go to iPhoneography apps. I tend to share my more complex iPhone photography. Perhaps the iPhone apps that I use day to day get ignored. Here they are.

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