Blur FX does one job really well in my opinion. If you need to manually add a little blur to feather areas possibly to correct other edits it’s excellent. I also use it on a larger scale to help with textured or painterly processing. Includes many more features and effects including vignettes. Currently only available for iPad.

iPhoneography painterly workflow – { Mrs Whistler? }

Street iPhoneography is my favourite genre but it rarely gives me the opportunity to process in my preferred painterly / texture blended style. ‘Mrs Whistler?’ gave me an opportunity to combine both genres in a single image.

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iPhoneography workflow { shelter }

One of the challenges with iPhoneography is that unless your subject is really close it is quite difficult to mimic depth of field (or depth of focus) which is achieved with traditional camera technology via control of aperture settings. During this tutorial I will use AfterFocus to mimic depth of field and will devote some space to look at it in a little more detail.

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