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Street iPhone photography – creating an alternate reality

The inspiration for this article came from a week away in Portugal. Until I studied some street shots closely, I discarded them as a waste of a tap. When I did get chance to look at them through fresh eyes though, I saw a few things that I liked. Specifically regarding this image, I used two captures as raw material for a single atmospheric composition.

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Apart from grabbing plenty of shots and learning traditional photography rules and techniques, your first step will be to get the right tools.

My article ’10 must have iPhoneography apps’ outlines the iPhone photography apps that I believe provide the maximum functionality as a package.

iPhoneography apps

iPhoneography Apps

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If you have an app and are searching for ways to incorporate it into your iPhoneography workflows.

My iPhoneography app index details all the iPhone photography apps used in my tutorials.

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iPhoneography genres

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